Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Never Lose a Call

AllWire can give you the security needed to make sure you never lose a phone call again. We utilize a number of tools in order to provide you with cell phone signal boosters. With our boosters, the days of losing that important phone call are over.

What AllWire does is make a full assessment of the needs of your home and/or business. We evaluate any hidden nuisances that may be hindering the reception of cell phone calls in the first place. We then implement a signal antenna on the exterior of your building. An exterior signal antenna guarantees reception by placing it into the most direct contact with your cell connection.

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Wireless zBoost Technology

Once the antenna is placed, we then lay unobtrusive cable on the inside of your house, which relays itself to what is called a zBoost base unit. The zBoost base unit acts as a receiver for your phone signal. The unit itself is easy to set up, needing only to be plugged in to the external antenna as well as a reliable wall plug-in.

The base unit then transmits the phone signal to you through another antenna, but this time set up on the inside of the house. Once the internal antenna is up and ready to go, your cell phone is able to receive any kind of call immediately.

Above all, we want to make sure that your business can operate without worrying about access to your cellular network. If you’re looking for a premier cell phone booster in San Antonio, look no further than Allwire.