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Custom Home Theaters

Allwire USA designs and builds high-end custom home theaters in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas. Our clients seek out our home theater systems not just for the cutting edge equipment and design, but for the captivating environment they create.

Watching a movie at home is no longer just a way to pass the time – it becomes an experience. From the crystal clear picture to the resonance of the audio, you and your guests will be completely immersed in what you’re watching. This is what our clients love most about their home theater, and it’s why we’re in the business.

Not only does a custom home theater give you a richer viewer experience, but it saves you time, money, and trouble! No more braving traffic to get to the theater, waiting in long lines, paying for expensive popcorn, and sitting in a cramped seat. Instead, you’re left with all the elements you love about going to the movies – and it’s just steps away.

What Sets Our Austin Home Theaters Above the Rest

We don’t build an identical, “one size fits all” theater in every client’s home. Instead, our home theater installation services are customized to your preferences. To create the optimal experience, your home theater will be specially designed for the layout and architecture of your home.

We’ll visit your home to carefully analyze your new theater space and discover the best design for audio and video placement. As you likely know, a sophisticated sound system is what really brings the film to life. We install state-of-the-art wireless surround sound with crisp, dynamic audio so you are truly transported as you watch. Our expert technicians will also determine if your space would benefit most from a high-definition LED TV or a projector. And of course, proper lighting helps create the ideal ambience. Allwire carefully calibrates your lighting to construct the perfect setting for you.

You no longer need to visit a commercial theater to have an immersive film watching experience. By using leading technology from the best manufacturers in the business, we can bring a movie theater level of quality to your basement, family room, or spare bedroom. For premier Austin home theater installation, the only choice is AllWire. Start experiencing the absolute best in home entertainment.

Wireless Surround Sound

A quality surround sound system is essential to any custom home theater space. When we design and install your home theater system, one of the first elements we begin with is the sound system. We take the time to walk you through our process and analysis of your home so that we can recommend and install the perfect sound system for your audio senses. We provide quality speakers and wireless systems that only a full surround sound experience can.

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