Custom Home Theaters

Allwire Integrated Wiring is the #1 trusted home theater installer in San Antonio and Central Texas. If you’ve ever watched a movie a home theater, then you know there is something that comes over a house filled with guests as soon as you activate a first-rate system. The roar of the bass, the crystal clear picture, the ambience of the lighting system as they begin to dim – you get to fully experience a film as it was intended.

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That’s why AllWire is in the custom home theater business. We strive to bring the majesty of the movie theater to you. Gone are the long lines, the inconvenience of driving to the theater, the overpriced concessions, and the packed seats. Instead, what you’re left with is a singular experience that cannot be seen anywhere else.

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When we design and install your custom home theater system, one of the first elements we begin with is the sound system. Through careful analysis of your new theater space, along with working with you to see what sounds best, we will craft a perfect set up that will wow your audio senses in a way that only full surround sound experience can.

AllWire will also calibrate your lighting experience, an oft overlooked element that can contribute to the perfect night in with your theater. With precise calibration, your home theater light levels will shine a light to friends and guests of how precise your home theater really is.

Complimenting this is your state-of-the-art Blu-Ray player. Programmed to the latest specifications, your Blu-Ray player will deliver a crystal clear picture along with high resolution sound that will blow you away. Setting up the player is also made easy, as technicians will take care to make sure that the player is neatly tucked away, yet completely accessible for use.

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Finally, the centerpiece of your home theater is the way you screen your movies and television. A technician will work with you to determine if your choice of either a regular high-definition LED TV or a projector and screen will be your best option. From there, we will make sure to have your screen up and running, providing the most visually stunning picture you have ever seen.

AllWire takes the home theater experience very seriously We strive to provide the very best in home theater construction and customer service. If you’re not happy with your service, we’re not happy. We take pride in being able to provide an excellent theatrical experience in the comfort of your own living room. By outfitting your space with the highest quality gadgets and appliances, we strive to make your sofa the absolute best seat in the house.