Security Customized For You

AllWire puts together some of the best home security systems in Central Texas. It is our mission to make sure your home or business is safe and secure from the dangers of intruders. We work with every customer to develop a custom home security set up so we’re not just going to shuffle the job out and try to get on to the next home security system. We’re going to take the time and care to make sure your security system is not only up to our par, but up to your personal needs. This is what makes our alarm system installation services among the best in San Antonio.

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With our comprehensive security packages, we can get you the peace of mind that you need. Our security systems come integrated with monitoring technology featuring elite “Crash and Smash” detection components that alert security specialists as soon as trouble strikes. Along with this, our wireless GSM technology keeps you secure, even if the power is gone, your phone line is cut, or a natural disaster knocks out power to your neighborhood. When you merge these components with our top-notch security camera systems, you have a all-inclusive home security package designed to detect any disturbance. Feel better at night knowing that if disaster strikes, AllWire’s wireless security systems are still keeping a vigilant eye on your property.

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24/7 Home Security Monitoring

Home security can be a complex issue, especially when dealing with your most precious possessions. That’s why AllWire also puts the power of home security monitoring into your hands. Through our free mobile apps, available for all wireless platforms, you can also check the status of your home alarm system 24/7, no matter when you are in the world. The applications allow real-time system activity alerts to sync effortlessly with your phone, providing you with immediate coverage of your home’s surrounding area. There’s no need to go through someone else to figure out if your house is safe.

In addition to these tools, our security systems also utilize emPower™ Energy Management & Automation solutions for further security measures. EmPower™ allows you to schedule your lights to turn off, arm your alarm system automatically, and lock all the doors in your house with the press of a button. The convenience of safety is placed into the competent hands of EmPower™ allowing you to customize your home’s security as you see fit. With our home security systems, you can finally have peace of mind knowing your home or business is safe.