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We Give You Full Control

Home automation was a thing of science fiction in the past. Being able to control appliances in your home from anywhere seemed too good to be true. Now, home automation is possible in almost any residential or commercial building. Allwire has home automation systems that can make your home or business smarter.

We can help make your home more efficient with complete automation. With just a click of a couple buttons on either a touch panel, your phone, or the internet, you can control the cooling and heating of your home, the lighting design from within your house, the video monitoring tools of your surveillance system, and your home security system. By the end of your automation upgrade, you could be able to turn down your thermostat from halfway around the world.

Home Automation Powered By:


RadioRA2 Certified Dealers

We work with the best in the business to bring you customizable, cutting-edge home automation technology. That’s why AllWire USA is a proud user of the Lutron company’s RadioRA2 technology. RadioRA2 is a wireless home control system that allows you to save energy and optimize your home’s look and feel down to individual rooms. Lighting design can be controlled through RadioRA tools, from the lights overhead to even the shutters by the window. With a bit of help from Allwire and Lutron, your home will always feel comfortable and secure.

Smart Home Technology

AllWire allows you to outfit your phone with thermostat controls to better control your home’s efficiency and energy costs. With a home automation system from Allwire, if you’ve forgotten to turn down the heat while you are at work, you can remotely turn down the thermostat to save money on your energy bill.

Want to make sure your house is secure? Adjust your home security settings with the touch of a couple buttons on your phone. Through our video monitoring process, we have live feeds of your surveillance cameras going right to your phone. Additionally, each home automation process includes a home security system. That way, you can monitor the activity within each room. Your automation system even monitors if there is motion inside the room so you can optimize your energy usage and keep your valuables safe.