Whole House Video Distribution

What AllWire aims to do is simple: get a video monitor into as many rooms as we can for simultaneous watching of your shows, sports games, or movies. You can have video sharing capabilities across your home or business with Allwire’s whole house video distribution.

Set up of a whole house system is fairly simple in most homes. As long as your house has an ethernet connection, a video connection can be broadcast to the individual monitors in your home. What happens is AllWire sets up a wireless broadcast station that is related to whatever your method of video connection is, be it component, composite, VGA, or S-Video plus audio outputs. Whatever the output, AllWire has the solution that can broadcast your video across your building.

Additionally, each monitor will come with their own independent video receiver. The receiver then catches what the primary signal broadcaster sends out, placing your needed video anywhere it needs to go. If you also need to disconnect any monitor at any time, feel free to unhook the monitor and do what you see fit.

Complete Video Distribution At Your Fingertips

AllWire cares deeply about your satisfaction. We understand that a great wireless setup can make or break an experience not just with you, but with guests and loved ones. It is absolutely important that you get the most out of your system. AllWire will finesse your wireless video system so you will receive the complete package. We know that this is important to you, which is why we offer packages exactly like this.

Video distribution is everywhere now. With so much video content out there, we understand how important it is to be able to view as much of it as possible. With AllWire’s video distribution services, we make sure you’ll never have to fight with your video technology again.

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