Hi, I’m Charles and I’m a very happy customer.

I called up the company and they walked me through the different options. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, but they kind of let me know some things that were also available like all the different options, which was great.

I had five TVs mounted, had some speakers placed in the bathroom and the outside patio, had a surveillance system put in as well as a security system with motion detector if glass breaks.

They were able to do a lot of things and they did it in a short amount of time. I didn’t think I would use the surveillance or any of that kind of stuff every day, but it’s really handy when I’m not home, keeping an eye on the family or keeping an eye on the home. I think security is important.

I really also enjoy in the bathroom when I take a shower in the morning, I can listen to music. I can just pop my phone out, push play, and I can hear the music above. Little things like that add to the quality of life.

It was great! It was very personal. If I ever have any questions, I’ll contact them. It’s pretty easy getting in contact with them if you do have questions or you’re concerned or you wanna add on.

I’m already to the point where I want to add more stuff.

You can go to Best Buy and have some people come into your home and set it up, and then they’re just gone. No relationship. Whereas, you call AllWire, I feel it’s more of a relationship. I feel I can call them up at any point in the future, if I want to change or add things, then I know it’ll be the same people.

I would definitely recommend AllWire to all my friends, family. I think they did a great job and they offer pretty much any service you can think of.

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